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I'm Jess, the creator of this store and its products.

I have always been passionate about cars, but I was only able to satisfy this passion very late.
At over 50, I started karting and organized an amateur championship for 3 years.
I was lucky enough to have several Gts such as an Audi A8 W12, a Fisker Karma or even a Porsche Panamera Turbo S that I took several times on the track.
I also took part in several driving courses and the famous Fun Boost at Magny Court. 😜

Corvette c3
I joined the world of collectors in 2022 with my first 1978 C3 Pace Car Corvette and created the French Corvette C3 Club en 2023.

Faced with a serious renovation, I started making a lot of improvements that didn't exist on the market.
It is in the process of becoming a cool restomod, but the journey is long 😁

At the same time, I trained in 3D modeling and printing to expand my professional activities and I was able to create specific parts for my corvette.
Corvette c3
The goal is to offer things that don't exist elsewhere, or to simplify them or make them cheaper.

The advantage of 3D printing is that it can be easily personalized and production is flexible, without the need to invest in large stocks.

I'm starting with parts more dedicated to automobiles, starting with the C3 Corvette, to gradually expand to other products as I go, such as decoration for example.

Orders are processed and shipped between 24 and 48 hours after receipt of payment.
Also take into account the carrier's delays.

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